Alton Towers put on lock down after stabbing incident

Carlos Fernandes, pleaded guilty to robbery and stabbing at Alton Towers

Carlos Fernandes was arrested after stabbing a manager at the Alton Towers theme park parking lot in retaliation  for the way he treated his staff.

Carlos was a former employee at the park and was waiting for Ian Stevenson, who is a guest service manager at the park, to finish his shift at the park when the stabbing occured.  Fernandes also stole the managers cell phone and wallet after stabbing him in the leg.

Prosecutor Kevin Jones said in a statement “The defendant was wearing a balaclava when he leaned in and held a knife to Mr Stevenson’s throat.

A black balaclava was found near the crime scene behind a fence that matched that of Carlos Fernandes.

He has pleaded guilty to robbery and stabbing and has been sentenced to four years and eight months at the Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

via Mirror



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