Kentucky Kingdom gets approval for $15 million expansion in 2015

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay set to reopen next year


Kentucky Kingdom has received approval from the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority for a planned expansion that will cost an estimated $15 million.

Doing so makes the park eligible for up to $3.75 million in tax rebates over the next 10 years.

As to what this $15 million expansion includes, the park has been teasing #KingdomSeven over on their official Twitter page.  What are the #KingdomSeven?  We all know the park is planning on re-opening its T3 coaster as part of the 2015 season, the park is also apparently looking at several smaller attractions, including a Raging Rapids River Ride, Skycatcher, an Enterprise type attraction and a swinging pendulum attraction called Cyclos.

That leaves three attractions unannounced.  It could possibly be that these are the two new additions while the T3 coaster, the water rapids ride and the Enterprise will be the attractions that are refurbished and opened as “new”.

Hopefully we will hear official details from Kentucky Kingdom soon as to what is planned for 2015.



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