**UPDATE** Could Cedar Point be adding a B&M Dive Machine for 2016?

**UPDATE** Could Cedar Point be adding a B&M Dive Machine for 2016?



**UPDATE** The Sandusky Register has updated their article with the rumored specs of the dive machine that could possibly be coming to Cedar Point.  It will feature a height of 223 feet with a total length of 3,625 feet and a top speed of 80 mph.  The ride will feature several elements including a vertical drop in a tunnel, an Immelmann, a 270-degree roll, a banked curve, a “looping,” an Immelmann with a half-roll exit, a second drop, a camel back and a spiral with a total of four inversions.

It looks like we have an idea of at least one attraction Cedar Point is looking at adding in 2016.  A new memo from Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard shows information about a new $15 million dive machine.

The B&M dive machine is apparently one of many options the park is looking at for 2016 said Bryan Edwards, spokesman for Cedar Point.

“Our focus is on the 2015 season and launching Rougarou as well as our newly transformed Hotel Breakers,” Edwards said in a statement.

Cedar Point is currently demolishing the Good Time Theater to make way for future expansions.  The area is fairly large and could easily house a coaster of some sort.

Fueling to the mystery is talk that Busch Gardens had the exclusive rights to the dive machine coaster for a certain amount of years.  Could this finally be expired to make way for more dive machines in the U.S.?  Also, a few sources of TG have mentioned that Cedar Fair representatives were at Busch Gardens Tampa checking out Sheikra, their dive machine some time last year.

Cedar Point is currently home to three B&M coasters.  Gatekeeper, Rougarou and Raptor.

What would you like to see Cedar Point add for 2016?

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via Sandusky Register



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