Action Park to try the Looping Water Slide once again

Action Park to try the Looping Water Slide once again 2



Photo via NY Daily News


Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey is once again going to attempt the Cannonball Loop water slide.  It had a looping water slide but closed in the late 80’s due to injuries aboard the slide.

The Sky Caliber is what they are calling version 2.0 of their looping water slide and it will make its debut in Action Park by 2016 according to the park.

Sky Caliber is being developed by Canadian company Sky Turtle Technologies.  And they say the ride will send riders down a 90-foot vertical drop in an aluminum-enclosed capsule and then into a 30-foot vertical loop.

“Everybody in every sport wants to do a full 360 … and the original Cannonball Loop was a backyard approach to that,” Benneyan said. “These guys have figured out how to do it right. It’s a heck of a ride. It rides like a dream.” said Bill Benneyan, president of Mountain Creek.


Very few photos of the Cannonball Loop exist due to the short period of time it was open.  We were able t find the above photo doing some searching around Google of the original one.  A video of the new one which made its debut last year at IAAPA can be seen here.

The final design still needs engineering approval from the state and on a local level before construction can begin on Sky Caliber.

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