Universal Orlando adds metal detectors to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit


Photo via CF News 13


Universal Orlando guests today got a surprise at the park as they were greeted with metal detectors as they boarded the Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Orlando mentioned that this is just a test of adding metal detectors to their attractions and others could be on the way if this test works out well.

The metal detectors on Rip Ride Rockit are located right at the entrance of the attraction.  If an alarm is triggered, the guest is pulled aside and is scanned with a wand to determine what triggered the metal detector.

If you do not pass through the metal detector, you face being removed from the park, said a Universal spokesperson.

Universal had an incident back in 2011 aboard the Dueling Dragon roller coaster where they were hit in the face with a foreign object.  The dueling aspect of the ride was later turned off and the ride remains that way today.

Universal Orlando is the first theme park in Orlando to utilize metal detectors on their attractions. SeaWorld, Disney and even Fun Spot have no plans to add metal detectors to their rides.

What do you think of metal detectors on theme park rides?  Necessary or not?

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