Metal detectors new permanent at 3 Universal Orlando attractions


It looks like metal detectors are here to stay on at at least 3 Universal Orlando attractions. Hulk, Dragon Challenge and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit now have permanent metal detectors.

The move is not due to weapons in the parks, rather protecting guests from flying objects on the roller coasters.  A Universal spokesperson said that no specific incident triggered the installation of the metal detectors.

Guests will be told to place all loose articles in lockers that the park provides at each attraction.

Universal began installing metal detectors on rides back in March with Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and then later Hulk and Dragon Challenge.

One can only hope that this leads to Dragon Challenge dueling once again after an incident back in 2011 that caused Universal to stop dueling the coasters.

What are your thoughts on metal detectors on rides?  Necessary?  Or overkill?

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