A former senator says Disney should fix the long TSA lines


90-minute waits at O’Hare on Monday. AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

A former senator says he has a solution to the long TSA checkpoint lines that have recently been plaguing airports across the nation, consult with the mouse.

That’s right, Bob Kerrey, a Democrat who was on the Select Committee on Intelligence during his time in the Senate told CNBC that “I don’t think the government can do this. If you went to Walt Disney and said, ‘Can you reduce the size of the lines?’ Nobody runs lines better than Disney.”

The longest TSA lines are currently located at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, which sees waits from 60 to 90 minutes.  The TSA is sending more officers to help alleviate the long lines.

The TSA is also asking airlines to help by reducing the number of carry-on items allowed on a plane.

The long lines have become a social media trend while using the hashtag #IHatetheWait on Twitter and Instagram.

Do you think Disney could help the TSA line problem with their knowledge of queue lines and Fastpass+?

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via CNBC



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