SeaWorld Orlando receives three manatees for medical care

SeaWorld Orlando announced today that the park has received three manatees, a 1,255-pound manatee mother and her young calf for acute rehabilitation after being rescued May 9 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) from Tomoka River near Ormond Beach in Volusia County, Florida.  The park also recently received a recently a rescued orphaned manatee from Satellite Beach, Florida as well.

Mother and calf pair:

  • After careful monitoring by the FWC, it was determined that the 10-foot-2-inch-long manatee mother was experiencing severe buoyancy issues, which could negatively impact her health, eating patterns and the nursing of her calf.Due to the impact scar on the adult manatee’s back, it is presumed that she was struck by a watercraft. This caused her to suffer from a pneumothorax (air trapped inside body cavity), so SeaWorld’s expert veterinary team placed the manatee in a wetsuit to stabilize the manatee’s buoyancy issue and was successful in removing the air trapped in the chest cavity.

    Today, the manatee is no longer in the wetsuit and has been seen swimming more upright. Although showing signs of progress, the care team still remains guarded and has performed radiographs on the mother to ensure there are no broken bones or any other internal damage caused by the watercraft.

    The mother’s young calf came in weighing approximately 97 pounds, measuring 4 feet and 5 inches, and still nursing from its mother. The calf has not left its mother’s side and has continued to nurse consistently throughout the rehabilitation process. The calf has also begun to take an interest in eating solid foods, which is a sign of good health.

Orphaned manatee:

  • FWC also rescued a young, orphaned, female manatee calf from the Satellite Beach area and transported it to SeaWorld Orlando. Upon arrival, the manatee was measured and the veterinary team obtained diagnostic samples. The orphaned calf received immediate nutritional support and is currently under a 24-hour watch by the SeaWorld Animal Care team.

All three of the manatees will continue to receive top medical care at SeaWorld Orlando with the ultimate goal in mind, returning them back to the wild after a full recovery.

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