Disney’s Easter Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort announced today that for the first time in two years, that Easter is coming to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

The event will feature characters called “Usatama.”  Disney Friends were busy making Easter eggs in preparation for Easter when a breakdown at the Easter egg factory led to the “Usatama” characters escaping into the Park.

A new parade called “Usatama on the Run!” will also make its debut.

Via the press release:

Mickey Mouseand Friends dressed as “Usatama Chasers” attempt to catch the mischievous “Usatama” characters with giant vacuum cleaners and butterfly nets in this fun and zany, brand new parade.

Guests can also check out the the new Egg Hunt Program “Search for ‘Usatama’!”  Each participating Guest will receive a map and can follow the hints to find the hidden “Usatama” characters as they make their way towards the goal.

Easter over at Tokyo DisneySea will feature a new show called “Fashionable Easter.”

Via the press release:

The Disney Friends as fashion advisors have worked with the artists to create this spring’s
must-have fashion item, the bunny-eared Easter “Bunny” Bonnet. The Disney Friends don
their original bonnets and spring fashions as they present the appeal of each style in
performances themed to the different ports. After all the designs have been shown, each
artist insists that their creations are the best, but when Mickey Mouse says that style is
unique and we should enjoy each other’s originality, everyone begins to see the beauty of
accepting one another for who they are. The show reaches its climax to a backdrop of
pyrotechnics as the performers come together for the finale number in a wonderful display of originality. 

Easter decorations will also be found throughout the Mediterranean Harbor and American Waterfront areas of Tokyo DisneySea.

A variety of Easter themed merchandise will also be available for purchase throughout the resort, including merchandise featuring Miss Bunny and Thumper.

Easter events will run from April 4 through June 14.

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