Universal announces 3 park Annual Passes including Volcano Bay

Universal has revealed the new 3 park annual passes that will include Volcano Bay.

There will now be 2 and 3 park versions of the Seasonal, Power, Preferred and Premier

Annual Passes. For current passholders you will be able to upgrade your current 2

park Annual Pass starting April 3. For Seasonal, Power and Preferred the upgrade

will be $99. The Premier Pass upgrade fee will be $149. Both of these are good until

your AP expires. The big difference is that the Premier will have no blackout dates

for Volcano Bay but the Seasonal, Power and Preferred will be blacked out July 1-31, 2017.


Upgrades to different levels of pass, like from Seasonal to Preferred, etc, will command a

higher priced fee depending on the pass. You will still be able to purchase just a 2 park

USF/IOA pass if you want too. As of right now too upgrade your pass you will have to visit

the Passholder Upgrade Center at Islands of Adventure™ from April 3–April 30, 2017,

between 8 am–6 pm.

For all the different passes and pricing information visit the Universal Orlando

website by clicking here.

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