Possible new Universal Nintendo World details emerge via trademark information

Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Japan

Ever since the first themed Nintendo World was announced late last year for Universal Studios Japan, the speculation as to just what kind of Nintendo themed ride Universal could bring to this new expansion has been running rampant. Of course, the obvious of which is some kind of Mario Kart themed attraction.

A new trademark filed by Nintendo has been discovered that, upon closer examination, gives us some new insight into just what kind of attraction we could see within Super Nintendo Land. Upon close examination, seven little words, “organization, management or arrangement of kart racing,” are mentioned in the trademark. Now what could this mean? It could of course mean the obvious, a Mario Kart themed attraction, but on the flip side it could also mean something as simple as street entertainment for Super Nintendo Land, where all of the characters come out in karts for a meet and greet. The trademark also mentions “presentation of live show performances.” So the kart racing aspect could even be part of some sort of Nintendo themed stage show as well.

The trademark also mentions other interesting topics, such as hotels. How awesome would a Nintendo themed hotel be? It also mentions the rental of Nintendo devices, which could mean that Universal and Nintendo are looking into somehow allowing guests to rent a Nintendo device, such as a Switch or DS. The other interesting thing that it mentions is “Management or arrangement of video game events.” This could be an interesting approach for Universal to bring another special event into their park, such as A Celebration of Harry Potter, but Nintendo themed. After reading through the entire trademark, it surely appears that Universal and Nintendo have a lot more up their sleeves than just a Nintendo themed area at their parks.

This is of course all speculation as Universal and Nintendo have not yet released any details as to exactly what will be inside Super Nintendo World, which is scheduled to open in 2020 at Universal Studios Japan. As soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you.

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