Disney bumps up Avengers: Infinity War by one week

Avengers: Infinity War release date gets bumped up

Whether it was a marketing ploy or not, Robert Downey Jr. successfully convinced Marvel today to release Avengers: Infinity War a whole earlier than originally scheduled. The new release date is now April 27, instead of May 4th.

The conversation happened on Twitter between Robert Downey Jr. and the Marvel Twitter accounts.

Whether it was a marketing ploy or not, we'll take it.


The conversation started with Downey asking the Marvel Studios Twitter handle if he could see the movie earlier, the conversation progressed to Downey asking if he could see it with his friends, then the entire world.

Now comes the real question. Why the bump? Disney/Marvel has a pretty busy schedule coming up, so the bump could have been to give Infinity War more room since Deadpool 2 is May 18 and Solo: A Star Wars Story is May 25.

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