Disney announces new Play Disney Parks App coming to a smartphone near you

All-New Play Disney Parks App Coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort

(Update – 6/26/18) – Disney announced today that the app will be available for iOS and Android devices on June 30th. You can get ready to pre-order the app for the  App Store and Google Play now.

(Update – 6/11/18) – Disney released new details today about the upcoming Play Disney Parks App. According to Disney, this fun new game will “allow guests to play with family and friends while waiting in line for some favorite attractions.

The new Play Disney Parks app coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World

The new Play Disney Parks app coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Players will also be able to collect achievements and receive digital collectibles upon doing so. Disney also mentions that there will be a trivia part to the Play Disney Parks app as well, allowing families to play Disney themed trivia.

Disney announced a new app today called “Play Disney Parks” that will allow guests to have fun while guests to play in the park like never before. The new app will allow guests to interact with their surrounding environment.

According to Disney:

With the touch of a button, wait time turns into play time with family and friends at certain locations. And the more you explore in Disney parks, the more there is to discover on the app.

Disney remained tight lipped as to what exactly guests will do with this new app, but promised more details to be released soon.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android devices for free later this summer and will be playable at Disneyland in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

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