RUMOR: Michael Myers Returns To This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights?

Spring break has came and gone for Orlando’s theme parks but, for the fandom of Halloween and the haunt scene that have many fans for their love of the holiday of Halloween is on their brains even for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Parks & Resorts. Halloween Horror Nights is one of the world’s largest and most popular events that is now running for it’s 28th year this year that fans can live their favorite IP (intellectual properties) in horror film and television and original ideas for houses and scare zones.

Universal just recently announced the popular series “Stranger Things” is coming to Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore. The details only known so far is that it will be based off Season 1 this year and could being a  American Horror Story multi-seasonal deal where only certain amount of seasons will last before the contract expires.

Now as many fans dream up of what they want on their Horror Nights wish list, there has been one property that has been used before many times in the past and that’s the iconic horror-slasher film “Halloween.” However, this won’t be based on Carpenter’s classic and will focus on Blumhouse’s Halloween (2018) that has been speculated. Universal and Jason Blum of his production company of Blumhouse Productions came together as a partnership for a mashup house that was done last year at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando for “The Purge” used in the house and a scare zone, with also “Sinster” and “Insidious”.  Universal Studios Hollywood was the same expect “Insidious: Chapter 4” and “Happy Death Day” were only exclusive towards Hollywood.

So let’s dive into our favorite boogyman rumor shall we?

The property has been used at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando in 2009 and 2015, and is now been rumored again this year. It was voted based on guest responses for one of the popular houses in the past year’s it was used. Traveling back towards last year as users on the Inside Universal forums were speculating of what possible properties were coming for this year’s event and so far they nailed one of the properties on the head so far and that was “Stranger Things”.

Now you’re probably asking the question to yourself of why do “Halloween” again since it’s  been done twice so far? Well here’s where things get interesting that follows this rumor.

After the many countless films that have been remade or rebooted by Director/Musician Rob Zombie including Mike Myers’s origin story (2007) and it not doing so well at the box office, fans were just seeming to be burnt out and wanted something fresh towards the franchise. On May 24th, 2016 it was officially announced that Blumhouse & Miramax were going to co-financing a new film towards everyone’s favorite boogyman. One year later, in September 2017 is when news broke out and went viral that Jamie Lee Curtis was going to reprise her role as Laurie Strode and fans of the franchise went absolutely crazy and lost it! Also to make it even better, Nick Castle, who played in the original 1978 film, would return for his role that he announced back on December 2017.

         Credit: Universal Pictures

Production of the film wrapped up back in February of this year and is scheduled for an October 19, 2018 release date. The 2018 film will take place 40 years later after the original film, and if your a fan of the franchise, it was reveled that in Halloween II, Myers was Laurie’s brother.  Curtis finished her scenes in the film with only two weeks after shooting began on the set and reports circulating if Curtis’s beloved character will only have a few scenes or just a cameo appearance? We’ll  have to see this year when the film is released towards everyone’s favorite fall holiday, Halloween. Recently, Jason Blum released a statement for his response to the first cut of the film towards the media and said “I feel really good about it, I saw a cut of it two nights ago. I think David did a terrific job,” Blum confessed to Digital Spy. “He did everything I hoped he would do which is respect the DNA of the franchise and bring something totally new to it and we’re really very, very excited for people to see it.”

 Credit: Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions

But this is where things get interesting. Twitter user- @fireoftheifrit, who is either a big Horror Nights fan or someone anonymous that is good at riddles or has internal ties within Universal marketing, recently tweeted out a riddle by saying “The stealthy shape moves in dark, the only sound a growling bark” and well… see the response for yourself down below.

So what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts down in the comments section below!! Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Parks & Resorts begins this September 14-November 3rd, 2018 and tickets and vacation package deals can be bought here.

Again, this is a RUMOR and everything stated above must be taken as such until an official announcement has been made. 🙂

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