‘Toy Story 4’ gets an official release date

'Toy Story 4' to focus around Bo Peep and Woody

Did you REALLY think Disney & Pixar are done with the Toy Story series after the fantastic ending and closure the franchise had with Toy Story 3?

Disney/Pixar will be shelling out yet another installment in the Toy Story series with Toy Story 4, which will be hitting theaters on June 21, 2019.

Where does the story go from here? No one knows for sure. Andy is off to college, the toys are now with a new owner, Bonnie. In August 2015, at the D23 Expo, Lasseter stated that the film would focus on the romance between Woody and Bo Peep, which, if you remember, Bo Peep was given away in Toy Story 2. So that’s about all we have to go off of.

Although taking a leave of absense due to his alleged misconduct, John Lasseter will still play a big roll in the film, with him posing as director of the film.

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