Han Solo coming to Battlefront II in new DLC

Solo is coming to Battlefront II via DLC

If you’re a fan of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story and have Battlefront II, the young Han Solo himself will be coming to the game via DLC along with new maps.

Some of the new locations you’ll be able to explore include the Coaxium Mines of Kessel and of course, Jabbas Palace. There will also be a variety of new missions and game modes, including Hero Showdown and Heroes vs. Villains modes.

And even though the Millennium Falcon is already a part of Battlefront II, EA will be adding its pristine form to the game as well, when it was owned by Lando. You’ll be able to purchase it or save up for it via in-game currency.

The DLC is scheduled to be available for download on June 12. Check out the trailer above until then.

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