The First Purge house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018 at Universal Studios Hollywood

“The Purge” is coming back to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

A new house based on the “The First Purge”, the latest in the series of Purge movies, has been announced for this years Halloween Horror Nights even in Hollywood.

The house will allow guests to experience the carnage and chaos of the first ever Purge as the New Founding Fathers of America unleash this new social experiment.

Via the press release:

“The First Purge” maze will reimagine the movie’s premise, greeting guests with pure unadulterated fear as it brings to life the turmoil spawned by vigilantes. It will place guests at the heart of a controversial sociological experiment empowered by the New Founding Fathers of America’s (NFFA) desire to purge the nation of all hatred and crime by, ironically, permitting crime to take place as a means of ridding society of all ills. 

Halloween Horror Nights 2018 begins Friday, September 14 and runs on select nights through November 3 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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