RUMOR – New Halloween version of World of Color coming to DCA

The following is a RUMOR and should be taken as speculation until an official announcement has been made

World of Color at Disney's California Adventure

World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure

As many of you know, the current status of World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure does not look like it will be returning anytime soon. The park continues to work on the fountains and surrounding area with no end of the refurbishment in sight. The refurbishment began on April 13 and continues now into July with it rumored to be returning near the end of the year after the lengthy refurbishment is complete.

Bobcat Goldthwait, who for those of you that are not familiar with, voiced Pain in the hit Disney film “Hercules,” recently posted an Instagram post mentioning how he feels about Disney’s recent firing of Guardians Director James Gunn. He goes on to mention that due to his opposition against Disney firing of Gunn, that he be removed from a recording he did for a new nighttime show called “WORLD OF COLOR- VILLAINOUS.” As we originally reported on Twitter earlier today, Disneyland did not announce any sort of Halloween edition of World of Color in its initial Halloween announcements, nor could it have with the current refurbishment of the show.

So could this “World of Color – Villainous” show he mentions be something Disney is working on for the 2019 Halloween season? We will have to wait and see.

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