Disney’s Streaming Service coming in late 2019

Yesterday during Disney’s earnings report, Bob Iger talked a significant amount about Disney’s upcoming streaming service, giving us some more details about the upcoming Netflix competitor.


Speaking of content, it has been mentioned that the new streaming service will feature Star Wars movies that come out in 2019 or later, mainly due to the fact that pre-2019 Star Wars films were licensed to other distributors. Disney is also currently working on a  10-episode $100 million Star Wars series, which will be exclusive to the streaming service.

“Our first priority is going to be reaching our core Disney fan,” he mentioned during the earnings call. “We want to walk before we run when it comes to volume of content.”

As far as Marvel is concerned, the streaming service will feature all of Marvel’s films coming out next year, including Captain Marvel, and the next Avengers sequel.

Disney has plenty of other content to work with, including Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm and when the 20th Century Fox deal is closed, they will have more content on there as well. It was noted that no R-rated content will be on the Disney streaming service. Those will most likely head over to Hulu, which Disney will have a 60% ownership in once the 20th Century Fox deal is finalized.


Due to the smaller selection at launch compared to other streaming services such as Netflix, Iger mentioned that the price point of their streaming service will be significantly less. Currently, Netflix’s most expensive plan is $13.99 a month, with their cheapest (Basic) plan being $7.99 a month. So we could possibly see the Disney streaming service fall somewhere in-between those prices. Perhaps in the $8-9 a month range.

Release Date

No specific launch date for Disney’s streaming service has been announced. Iger did mention that they are shooting for a late 2019 release date. The biggest reason could be that Disney is waiting for more original content to be produced before launching the service.

What content would you like to see on the new Disney streaming service?

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