Knott’s Berry Farm Teases 2019 Additions

Knott's Berry Farm announces their Labor Day Weekend festivites

In a surprise tease on social media, Knott’s Berry Farm has begun to market their plans for 2019. The posts, as seen in the tweet below, features a poster that keeps in the style of the park’s Ghost Town, advertising “unspoiled wilderness”, “bountiful wonders”, and “a rare chance for speculation”. Speculate we will!

2018 brought HangTime, a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster to the park’s Boardwalk area. This 150-foot tall coaster boasts a 96-degree drop, 5 inversions, and nearly 2,200 feet of track. Back in 2016, the park’s only wooden coaster, GhostRider, received a major renovation that included a full re-tracking and new Millennium Flyer trains from Great Coasters International. Before that, the last major coaster the park added was the B&M inverted coaster Silver Bullet, back in 2004.

All this considered, it seems unlikely that Knott’s will receive another large coaster just a year after HangTime opened. The poster makes references to the “Calico River Territory”. This would likely mean something involving Bigfoot Rapids in the west end of Ghost Town. The image also mentions “millions of prime acres”. There is a significant backstage area behind the rapids that could be primed for a park expansion. Knott’s is a rather landlocked park in the middle of a suburban area. Any area the park can expand into is desperately needed.

Knott’s has typically waited until after their annual Knott’s Scary Farm to announce the next year’s additions, so only time will tell what this teaser really means. Here’s to hoping 2019 is a great year at the Farm!

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Ryan Grover

Ryan Grover

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