The Force is strong with these new ‘Star Wars’ inspired strollers

Let’s face it. Those strollers you can rent at Disney World are not the most comfortable and stylish of travel options for your young ones. And it’s even less fun hauling your own stroller around Disney World.

Let us introduce you to the new Spaceship Stroller by Florida-based company Fantasy Strollers. The company first came famous for its Cinderella Carriage Strollers when it made its debut but now is stepping into a Galaxy far far away with these new Millennium Falcon based Spaceship Strollers.

Each one will feature a steering wheel and a set of switches that trigger lights and sound effects. Kids can even choose from red and blue lighting depending on their preference of The Force.

Now in order to ride inside these fancy strollers, your kids must be between 27 and 50 inches. The price? An eight-hour rental is priced at $132. You can even kick it up a notch and order the Spaceship Surprise Package ($241 for eight hours). This package includes delivery of the stroller to a Disney resort, a red carpet premiere, themed music and even a Mercedes-Benz escort to the park.

Please note that the company is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or LucasFilm.

You can pre-order your Spaceship Stroller here, which are scheduled to begin rentals on March 1, 2019.

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