VIDEO – Avengers: End Game teaser trailer arrives

The time is finally here! The first Avengers 4 trailer hit this morning and while it did not supply a bunch of answers, it certainly raised a lot of questions.

Here are just a few of the highlights we noticed during the trailer:

Tony’s Lost in Space

Right off the bat at the beginning of the trailer, we see Tony with his battered and abused armor, which is a great reminder that the Avengers pretty much got their you know what’s handed to them at the end of Infinity War. It’s also important to note that Tony and Nebula are on the Guardians ship, the Benatar, most likely heading to Earth after being stranded on Titan.

Tony is also seen recording a message to Pepper Potts that he is hoping will reach her back on Earth. (hopefully) But things seem grim for Tony as he mentions that they only have a day’s worth of oxygen and are out of food and water.

Thanos the Farmer

We also see what Thanos has been up to in the trailer. He is seen hanging up his armor as a sort of “scarecrow” and perhaps has taken up farming. But surely this is not the end of Thanos. We also notice Thanos is still rocking the now charred up Infinity Gauntlet with what appears to be all of the Infinity Stones in tact.

Ronin rocks the house

We finally see Clint again in what appears to be a new outfit and a new look. This new look of course being Ronin. The assumption here is that Clint lost his family during the Thanos finger-snapping fiasco and is now full-force Ronin and ready to kick some you know what.

Did Shuri turn to dust?

One interesting shot shows Dr. Bruce Banner observing the “deceased” as part of Thanos’s work and we see Shuri on the display before quickly changing to Peter Parker. Also pictured is Scott Lang, who as we know also did not die, rather was MIA. What happened to Shuri? We never found out her fate in Infinity War. Did she die? Did she go into hiding after trying to remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head? Hopefully we will find out more. After all Shuri is incredibly smart and surely could have found some way to survive if she was not a part of Thanos’s snapfest.

Bye-bye beard

In another shot, we see Captain America, now cleanly shaved after the events of Infinity War. Steve Rogers clearly seems distraught in the trailer while talking to Black Widow. Steve mentions that he’s not sure what is going to happen if their plan does not work out.

Scott Lang pays a visit

The trailer ends with a surprising shot of Scott Lang (AKA Ant-Man) paying a visit to the Avengers HQ. Why is this shocking? Well after the shocking events of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott was left stranded in the Quantum Realm after Thanos snapped his fingers and killing off the only people that knew he was there.

How did Scott escape? There is A LOT of discussion that time travel will play a big part in End Game, and perhaps Scott finds a way to escape the Quantum Realm via one of the “time vortexes” that could help him escape.

End. Game.

We FINALLY got the title of the fourth Avengers film, Avengers: End Game. Which will hit theaters on April 26.

What were some of your favorite moments of the teaser?

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