Disney and Besamé Cosmetics release Mickey’s 90th birthday makeup collection

Disney and Besamé Cosmetics have joined forces to create a limited edition collection of Mickey Mouse 90th birthday lipsticks that includes a mirror set. The lipsticks come in two shades: Mickey Red and Ink and Paint.

Mickey Red lipstick

The Mickey Red shade has strawberry red undertones, inspired by Mickey’s trousers. My favorite is the Ink and Paint shade which is color-changing. The black lipstick has a berry flavor that applies as black and then adjusts to your pH to create a unique deep berry shade.

Ink and Paint lipstick

This is inspired by Mickey’s debut through black and white animation. The set comes with a compact mirror, which has Mickey artwork, and two mirrors, one which is a magnifying mirror.

This compact mirror is so cute!

The set is $49.95 on shopDisney.

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Emily Ann

Emily Ann

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