Pixar Releases New Short, “Purl”, and Explores Misogyny in the Workplace

Disney-Pixar has released their latest animated short, named “Purl” and it’s so stinking cute. “Purl” is a part of their new SparkShorts series, which differ from other Pixar animated shorts in their experimental storytelling. The short film follows a lovable ball of yarn named Purl as she started her new job at a male-centered startup. She goes through the motions of being the only female in the workplace, and it’s highly relatable.

The short expertly shows off the harsh reality of being either a woman or minority in a workplace, as Purl quickly discovers that she’s the only colorful ball of yarn in a sea of white men.

It shows how she is treated differently because of who she is, and it’s very moving and inspiring. I don’t want to give too much away but I will post the video in the bottom of the article for you guys to check out.

This short film also surprised me immensely because it’s the first time we’ve seen adult humor in a Pixar short. It’s experimental storytelling at it’s best. It’s not the kid-friendly shorts we’re used to seeing from the company, but it really does share a lesson that any age group can learn from.

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Emily Ann

Emily Ann

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