Sugarboo & Co. Coming Soon to Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort

Sugarboo & Co., a family-owned boutique store, will soon debut a store at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort.

Founded by artist Rebecca Puig and her husband Rick, Sugarboo & Co. originated out of their Georgia home in 2005 and later opened their first brick-and-mortar store in 2013. Sugarboo & Co. has quickly become a neighborhood favorite since with over nine stores in four states throughout Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas, and is also featured in over 2,500 stores around the world and more than 30 countries. Sugarboo & Co. is ever-changing with new artisans from near and far, and invites guests to choose from a wide variety of art, one-of-a-kind antiques, gorgeous jewelry, paper goods and items for kids as well as four-legged babies — showcasing something for everyone.

“My inspirations are my family, nature, animals, old things, children’s art and folk art. I love juxtaposing old and new, light and dark, serious with fluff and anything with a message,” said Rebecca Puig, owner of Sugarboo & Co.

The Sugarboo & Co. shop will be located on the west end of the Downtown Disney District and will be Sugarboo’s first location in California.

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