‘World of Dreams’ VIP tour to come to Walt Disney World Resort

Love Disney? Have $12,000 to drop on an exclusive tour? Okay, so I figured most of us 100% cannot afford that, but if you’re one of the lucky few who can, a new VIP tour called “World of Dreams” is now being offered at Walt Disney World Resort. The tour’s price tag is a whopping $12,000 for up to six guests. The tour is 12 hours long and two tour guides conduct your experience. If you do the one day tour at $12,000, you can add on another day for $10,000. The tour is available now but requires a booking a week in advance to set up all of the special opportunities. The breakdown of the tour is as follows:

  • Backstage access and transportation
  • Front of the line attraction access
  • A tour of the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite
  • Exclusive nighttime spectacular viewing spaces
  • All meals included (3 a day, with select “alcohol”)
  • Access to any restaurant at Walt Disney World (no normal reservations needed)
  • and many more possibilities based on guest request

Now if I had the cash to drop, I’d say it’s worth it alone from getting all of your meals covered, at any restaurant in all of Walt Disney World, and would have to come up with a serious list of demands if I got access to ‘possibilities based on the guest request.” However, it is a little shocking to see the price tag, but not be offered any lodging or a chance to stay in the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite. I’m sure we’ll see someone take the tour soon and see what all the commotion is about!

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Emily Ann

Emily Ann

Emily has been a proud Orlando resident since 2016. She's a theme park enthusiast with a passion for park fashion and snacks. She has her own Youtube channel, as well as other forms of social media, which can be found @geeknotice