“Awesome Planet” film coming to Epcot’s Land Pavilion

“Awesome Planet,” is an on-screen exploration of the wonderful planet we live in, and showcases spectacular beauty, diversity and a dynamic story of our earth. The new film is coming to The Land pavilion at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort and heralds a bold new era for Epcot, a theme park that represents Disney with the view of the earth, its lands, and its people.

There’s no word on where in the pavilion it’ll be located, but I imagine it will go in where “Circle of Life” used to reside. “Awesome Planet” promises nature photography, immersive in0theater effects, and space sequences created by Industrial Light & Magic, a company most famous for the Star Wars franchise. The show promises to stir guests and deliver an environmental message to resonate with you for the rest of your stay.

Among this addition, remember that we still have a new Circle-Vision film announced for the China pavilion, updates to the Canada film, and a “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along coming to the France pavilion, to name a few. Epcot is going through a huge transformation and I personally cannot wait to experience everything, including “Awesome Planet”!

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Emily Ann

Emily Ann

Emily has been a proud Orlando resident since 2016. She's a theme park enthusiast with a passion for park fashion and snacks. She has her own Youtube channel, as well as other forms of social media, which can be found @geeknotice

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