George Lucas to potentially come back for Star Wars: Episode IX

The ‘Star Wars’ series has always been a hit, but there have been a few times through its career that it’s fallen a bit short. From “The Last Jedi” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, the films, unfortunately, did not live up to the hype and were looked at, by many, as a box office failure in comparison to the other films in the franchise. Rumors have been circulating recently, that for Star Wars: Episode IX, that George Lucas may have been brought in to help primp and polish the script.

Source: Variety

A leak from “Express“, claims that George Lucus is very involved with director JJ Abrams to help ‘bring back Luke Skywalker’s character back to his original vision.” Lucas has been said to have directed and guided Abrams with Hammill in exactly how the character of Luke Skywalker is to be done justice. A lot of fans were upset at the abrupt ending of “Last Jedi,” where (spoiler) Luke closes his eyes, becomes one with the forces, and fades away. There has even been an interview lately with Mark Hamill himself, stating he felt ‘hornswaggled’ out of the series.

It does state that Lucas was involved in ‘numerous sequences to fine-tune some of the legacy characters and their interactions with some of the sequel trilogy characters.’ Legacy meaning, Luke, Han and Leia, and the trilogy, Rey, Finn, and Poe.

It states that Lucas will be involved with some reshoots and editing as well. A lot of Star Wars fans are fond of Abrams, who has been quoted multiple times about staying true to the originals, and prequels. This shows a lot of encouragement from the creative aspect of making these films going forward if they’re able to bring back George Lucas and return what a lot of people felt was lost from the last film, and from Luke Skywalker’s character itself.

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