John Ratzenberger joins the cast of Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy

Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy will debut later this mont as a high-octane show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In this, you’ll be up close and personal with racing legend Lighting McQueen, but also get the chance to meet Cruz Ramirez, Tow Mater, and more! Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy has been a close collaboration between Disney Parks Live Entertainment and Pixar Animation Studios to bring an all-new story from the “Cars” universe. When you enter the show, Mack and Sally Carrera welcome the rookie racers and test your knowledge of Lightning McQueen as you take your seat.

The show brings the original voice talents from the film’s series as well. Larry the Cable Guy will reprise his role as Mater, and John Ratzenberger, as Mack. Ratzenberger is known for a bunch of Pixar roles such as Hamm in “Toy Story”, P.T. Flea in “A Bug’s Life”, The Abominable Snowman in “Monsters Inc.”, and so much more! Below, you can watch an exclusive video of the recording process:

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy opens on March 31 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Emily Ann

Emily Ann

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