Marvel’s “What If” series coming to Disney+

Disney+ is promising to bring out exclusive, interesting content that includes everything from classic Disney, Star Wars, to Marvel. In an article by Nerdist, they report that Disney+ will feature a new animated TV show, derived from the Marvel Comic’s “What If” series, and that’s AWESOME. If you’re not a super comic book nerd like me, the “What If” series, is a set of comics in the Marvel universe that put certain Marvel Characters in different stories.

Nerdist includes a few examples, like “What if Peter Parker never seized his calling as a crime-fighter, and remained a civilian throughout his life? What if it was Loki who wielded the power of Mjölnir, not Thor? What if Captain America hadn’t been frozen during World War II and awoken decades later?” I imagine it almost like when we were all kids and when we’d play, we’d never follow the storyline and always make up our own adventures. Which is why I think this show will be so cool and different.

The new series will be overseen by Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios. Note that the show also does not have a connection to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. It does say, however, that the series could possibly have some of the actors from the movies do the voiceover for their characters. If you’re looking for something to tie into the Cinematic Universe, be sure to check out the upcoming Scarlett Witch & Vision show, and also a show based around Loki from “Thor”.

What are some of the crossovers you’d like to see out of the show? We’d love to know in the comments section!

Emily Ann

Emily Ann

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