LEGO Teasers Confirms Stranger Things is on the Way

It seems like there is Stranger Things everything everywhere in regards to the merchandise nowadays. But now we may have one of the most unique ways to show our love for the Upside Down yet in the form of something from LEGO.

According to a teaser video posted on the official LEGO Twitter handle of a phone that looks very much like the one seen inside the Byers house (seen above), LEGO is on the verge of announcing something Stranger Things. And if you click on the tweet, Netflix actually responded to the tweet with “I knew memorizing Morse code was a very smart and reasonable thing to do. So…what’s coming soon, @LEGO_Group?!”

And according to Dead Entertainment, LEGO sets have leaked featuring Stranger Things. The awesome looking LEGO set features the Byers house with both the regular version and one in the upside down.

We also got this video and date, May 15 posted on the official LEGO Facebook page.

A video game version is also something being discussed/rumored, although no confirmation of either yet, it looks like all will be revealed on May 15.

And speaking of Stranger Things, just a friendly reminder that Stranger Things is once again returning to Halloween Horror Nights at both Hollywood and Orlando this year. More details on that can be found in our HHN 29 Quick Start Guide here.



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