Bigfire is officially open at Universal Orlando Citywalk!

Universal Orlando’s newest restaurant, Bigfire, is now officially open! Adding a unique dining experience that brings forth modern inspiration from open-fire cooking and the nostalgia of long summer evenings at the lake, Bigfire is sure to be a big hit along with the other wonderful restaurants lining up and down Universal Orlando’s Citywalk!

Bigfire’s theme is designed to make guests feel as though they have stepped into a lakeside summer house, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of relaxed evenings spent at the water’s edge, as well as cooking and creating memories with friends and family. The venue is two stories and features natural design elements of the mix and matched fabrics and seating, cast iron, twinkling lights, camp lanterns and more to complete the outdoor ambiance inside the restaurant. The best part of this restaurant? You can create your own s’ mores, right at your table!

Bigfire’s menu takes open-fire cooking, to a whole new level where a custom wood fire grill allows the chefs to prepare signature dishes inspired by the style of open-fire cooking with a modern twist. Chefs match each dish with wood species that have been chosen based on the flavor the dish exudes, resulting in entrees, sides, and even cocktails that infuse these smoky spirits. From Cherrywood to Pecanwood, the pairings create elevated American fare, including a signature bison burger, New York sirloin strip, freshwater trout and more.

Bigfire is open for dinner beginning at 4 p.m. and is located in between Margaritaville and Cowfish.

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Emily Ann

Emily Ann

Emily has been a proud Orlando resident since 2016. She's a theme park enthusiast with a passion for park fashion and snacks. She has her own Youtube channel, as well as other forms of social media, which can be found @geeknotice

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