Villains After Hours at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a “Villainous” Fun Time

Disney invited us to check out the first ever “Villains After Hours” event at Disney’s Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. This is new after hours event includes extra entertainment, ride overlays and special villain inspired food and drinks.

The two ride overlays were on Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. On Pirates, you encounter Pirates in the queue line warning you about the treasure and a pirate that is looking for it. It is when you get halfway through the ride on the bridge above you that you encounter Captain Barbossa, played by a live actor, and he is demanding you to tell you where the treasure is. It was a really cool addition for the event and makes sense since Barbossa is already a part of the ride.  Space Mountain offers a new version of Deep Space Mountain(all the lights are turned off for a pitch black ride experience) that debuted last year at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This time however there is a Villain inspired soundtrack as you can here various Villains as you speed through the dark. We really enjoyed both ride overlays.

On top of the snacks and drinks that are included in your admission there are special Villain inspired snacks and treats. We tried Yzma’s Llama Potion, which is a dry ice infused Strawberry Fanta so it bubbles, and the Headless Horseman Browkie, half-chocolate chip cookie, half-brownie topped with a chocolate piece featuring the Headless Horseman. We enjoyed both of these. The Browkie was tasty and the Llama Potion was a fun drink.

One of the special entertainment offerings was the Maleficent Float, from the Festival of Fantasy parade, making its way on different parts of the Parade route 3 times a night. This is the first time the float has been out at night. She has a special soundtrack and it is really cool to see the fire breathing effect at night.

The other entertainment offering is the “Villains Unite the Night” castle stage show that takes place 3 times a night. It’s an all-new, 20-plus minute stage show starring Hades, Meg, The Queen, Maleficent, Jafar, Dr. Facilier and their minions as they attempt to fulfill a prophecy and take over the world. This was one of the most impressive castle stage shows we have ever scene. Tons of fire, pyro and even some circus type acts. A fun storyline and a very impressive finale. One of the best things about this event.

So we had a great time at the event. We think it is a pretty good deal. The event runs from 10pm to 1am and you can get into the park starting at 7pm. It is a great way to get way to see the Magic Kingdom on a summer night especially if you are here for a quick visit to Orlando. Most of the rides were walk-ons during the event. We recommend you wait until the final show at 1 am to see the entertainment especially if you want to get in as many rides as possible during the event. And be on the lookout in Town Square at the end of the night for some Villains bidding you farewell at the end of your night.

Disney Villains After Hours tickets cost $139 plus tax in advance, $144 plus tax on the event night. It’s a little pricy but worth what you get from the event. If you’re an Annual Passholder or a Disney Vacation Club Member, you can take advantage of a $30 discount and purchase tickets for $109. Tickets for these specific Disney Villains After Hours event nights are available here.

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