Universal Studios Japan announces Halloween Horror Nights Details

With new details coming out quite frequently for the Halloween Horror Nights events here stateside, we got some new details about Halloween Horror Nights coming to Universal Studios Japan, including haunted houses, dining options and entertainment.

First up is the “Street Zombies” area. It looks like this area will be an interesting mashup of aliens and even some Universal Classic Monsters. The area will also feature Dr. Chaos, a man who continues to study day and night, freeing people from this zombie hell that nests in the park. But his true goal was to destroy the zombies and control the park with the monsters.

Up next we have the zombie de dance area, which will feature “acrobatic performances, a bloody and exciting zombie and monster dance that dances to the sky with dances to Kirekkire!

The first haunted house mentioned is a Resident Evil haunted house featuring “the ultimate sense of tension and exhilaration with zombies and creatures attacking, tactical experiences that will even get you going forward, and your own triggers to shoot!”

Fittingly enough with all of this “raid Area 51” talk, Universal Studios Japan will have a haunted house based on Area 51 this year. “Stepping into the hidden area “Area 51″ you witness a horrible conspiracy hidden here. An unexpected assault from a horrific unidentified object, a completely new, shocking horror horror maze, to ban on unknown fears that occur in different dimensions.”

Chucky is back at Universal Studios Japan with a new house based on Cult of Chucky. This will be Chucky’s third year in a row at HHN at Universal Studios Japan.

Space Fantasy will be going ala Deep Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom and going pitch black with Space Fantasy: The Ride – Black Hole.


Terminator 2:3-D will be getting a makeover for HHN at Universal Studios Japan and will be taken over by the character from “The Ring.” Or better known as Sadako Yamamura in Japan.

There is an “immersive horror experience” called Hotel Albert 2. Here is the official description: “In the setting of a ruined luxury hotel, that fear is revived by further surprise and new development. Open the door, talk to the characters, and witness the incidents… Stories that you are going to be part of, each different experience, and this year, the story of the story you encountered brings up your own emotions.”

There’s a “horror resturaunt” experience called Parkside Grill-The Cursed Broom Feast.

“Welcome to the party of fear, now managed by the late mistress Rosa, in one of the halls where the cruel incidents of the past happened. Horror restaurant for adults, who is immersed in a beautiful nightmare while enjoying the gastronomy that the chefs of the house enjoy.”

The Blood Legend show is returning this year as well. Step into an alluring and chilling world of vampires in this terrifying theater attraction.

There will even be an “Adult Halloween Area” during the event, a Cursed Garden.

“To the mysterious and beautiful labyrinth of scarlet with deep red roses. Wandering in this garden that once had a painful incident is a creepy man, a grim reaper, a ruined maid … and an intoxicated, photogenic space that continues to the hall.”

For more details on Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Japan, visit the official website here.



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