SeaWorld and Busch Gardens announce 2020 coasters

We’ve waited long enough, and now we finally have news about both Busch Gardens Tampa, and SeaWorld Orlando’s new roller coasters coming in 2020! Iron Gwazi, and Ice Breaker.

“When we build roller coasters, we do them a little differently,” says Jonathan Smith, director of rides and engineering for SeaWorld Parks. “We try to integrate them with the causes that we care about, such as animal care, conservation, and education.”

Ice Breaker, will be located near SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic exhibit and share a similar theme, promoting conservation issues related to the Arctic and the ocean. Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens will draw its inspiration the crocodile.

Iron Gwazi will stand at 206 feet and 76 mph, it will be the tallest and fastest coaster in the state. The 4,075-foot-long, 110-second course, will include overbanked twists and turns and 12 moments of airtime,  a zero-G roll, and a 180-degree stall. With a minimum height of 48 inches or 4 feet, the coaster will be open to younger fans.

Ice Breaker at SeaWorld Orlando will fall into the same 48-inch, family thrill category. Using linear synchronous motors, the unique coaster will feature a quadruple launch. After leaving the station, the trains will enter a track switch that will move them laterally into the launch section. They will first magnetically launch backward, then forward, then backward, and finally forward with enough momentum to hit the ride’s top speed of 52 mph and make it out of the launch area.


Emily Ann

Emily Ann

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