Become a ThrillGeek Contributor!

ThrillGeek is one of the fastest-growing theme park/pop culture websites out there, and we need your help to continue the growth!

We are looking for a few dedicated THRILLGEEKS to join our team.

What exactly are we looking for?

  • People who have a PASSION for theme parks and pop culture, including Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and more!
  • People with the ability to contribute to the site on a weekly basis.
  • Knowledge of WordPress is highly recommended but not required. Knowledge of Image Editing, such as Photoshop is also a plus.
  • The ability to form an article in your own words with a minimum word count of 150.

This position is unpaid as we are a fairly new and growing site, but we are hoping to compensate down the line.

If you’re interested in applying to be a writer, email us at with your information and if you have it, an example of your previous writing skills, such as an article, review, etc. Also mention what fields of interest you may have, whether its theme parks, pop culture or anything in-between!

Have any questions? You can reach out to us on Twitter AND Facebook as well!



Clint Gamache started Thrillgeek back in 2013 to share his love of theme parks, pop culture and other geeky stuff with the world. He can be found on Twitter @iamcgeed

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