Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience now open

Coming soon, Epcot will be the biggest transformation of any Disney theme park in history from groundbreaking attractions, beautiful new landscapes, and unforgettable entertainment. Guests can glimpse into the future by visiting  Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience, a new showcase of exciting changes on the way for the park.

Located inside the Odyssey Events Pavilion, the Epcot Experience invites guests to celebrate the past, present, and future of the park.

360-Degree Film Presentation

  • Guests enter a large, circular, darkened room where they are enveloped by a 360-degree, floor-to-ceiling screen showing a continuous 12-minute film celebrating the past, present, and future of Epcot.
  • The immersive presentation displays archival footage going back before Epcot opened in 1982, taking guests on a journey to the present day and beyond. It showcases new pavilion icons that will integrate into the park and teases new things to do, such as:
    • The PLAY! pavilion
    • A new vision for Spaceship Earth
    • Sensational new attractions based on popular films
    • The park’s forthcoming nighttime spectacular, “HarmonioUS”
  • In the center of the room, a three-dimensional model of Epcot appears to change in time with the film, as projection-mapping technology highlights different areas of the park in special ways.
  • The attraction uses 30 projectors to bring the experience to life and take guests along on the journey of the next chapter in Epcot’s legacy.

Dimensional Photo Opportunities

Guests can have their pictures taken inside four-dimensional photo locations designed for the experience. Guests can take a picture standing atop the iconic Spaceship Earth geosphere or shrunk to the size of Remy from Disney and Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” with other experiences as well.

Display Cases Showcasing Special Items

Throughout the Epcot Experience, display cases feature artifacts, memorabilia and other fascinating items showcasing the past, present and future of Epcot. Pieces include:

  • An Epcot park map and medallion from opening day, Oct. 1, 1982, plus a commemorative opening day park ticket
  • Epcot pin sets from 1982 and present day
  • Models and concept art for future Epcot experiences

The Epcot Experience features attraction posters from throughout the history for the park, plus experiences still on the horizon. Grab-and-go food and drinks are available.

This is definitely a must-do experience if you love the park, and we can’t wait to check it out soon!

Thumbnail credit: WDWMagic

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